Heal From Your Core: A Six Week Constellation group

Following an afternoon of Constellations on Sunday April 7, I am excited to offer  Heal From Your Core”  a more in-depth workshop on the Constellations.

Within a small, consistent group of the same people, we will be able to explore the more subtle exercises involved in this profound work.  We will learn more clearly how the unconscious patterns you have been carrying for so long came to be, and how to deepen our compassion toward those we feel antagonistic. When you begin to see your life unfold in a completely new light, the compassion, that is already there, has a chance to come alive. It ignites anew the inspiration within that cannot help but spill outward to others.
In this work it is said, that when you heal a small piece of yourself, you are also, at the same time, healing seven generations behind you, the present generation, and seven generations ahead of you!

Please contact me if you have any questions. Truly, you must experience this to understand. If you feel drawn then follow your heart and try this out! And remember the early bird special, $230 if paid by March mollysalans@mollysalans.com  978-392-5998