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All feelings are important. Did you know that your negative feelings were as important as your positive ones? I want you to think about this for a moment. Photography would not exist without the negative. If you are stuck in your life, feel that you are having the same argument with a loved one or colleague and getting nowhere, I can help you slowly step back so that you can see the whole picture which includes your frustrations.

Negativity is a sign of change. It is a paradox. As it is the negative feelings and the negative events themselves which leads us into the change we are seeking. In fact, our negativity is telling us about change, and it is change that most of us are reluctant to make. Because I understand reluctance, both how it can keep us stuck and how it can help us move, I can help you create the change you are longing for from the negativity you are currently experiencing.

Walk away with a new light. Everyone brings in their own set of problems and strengths, and I see each of you as an entire unique picture. You will most likely walk away from my sessions feeling more relaxed and inspired to receive new insights from our work together. You may begin to see negative family patterns in new light. The process can be challenging but then, isn’t the challenge worth it?

From Pigs to Heros: My View of Cops Through Time

Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. 1970. The day of the May 4 Massacre at Kent State, Ohio.The Ohio National Guard opened fire on students killing four and wounding nine others, leaving one of them paralyzed. The students were protesting the Cambodian Campaign that President Nixon announced on TV on April 30, a few days prior. . .

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